Let’s Talk Taxes – Home Office Deduction

Let’s Talk Taxes – Home Office Deduction You’ve decided to start a small business working out of your home. Life is great and you can’t beat the commute. Now, how will this affect your income taxes? Can you deduct expenses for use of your home? The answer is that it depends…on a lot of things. […]

Let’s Talk Tax – IRS Notice

  Let’s Talk Taxes Greetings from the IRS   You’ve just picked up your mail and … uh oh, there among the ads, bills and too numerous offerings for credit cards is that official looking letter from the Internal Revenue Service. A feeling of dread comes over you…but don’t panic or toss it, and please […]

Let’s Talk Tax – Non Filer

  Let’s Talk Taxes Solace for the Non-filer   Has it been awhile since you filed a tax return? Feeling guilty? Scared? Don’t know what to do? Do you even need to file? Many people become non-filers each year for a number of reasons. They lose the paperwork, they couldn’t pay, or they forgot about […]

Let’s Talk Tax – IRS Radar

Let’s Talk Taxes Staying off the IRS Radar Screen   Nothing strikes terror in the heart of the American taxpayer quite like finding a letter in the mailbox from the IRS! In an effort to help you avoid that unpleasant scenario, provided below are examples of some common pitfalls to avoid if you don’t want […]

Let’s Talk Tax – Donations

Let’s Talk Taxes Tis the Season to be GIVING …..   Face it, you’ve been putting it off all year. Maybe you have to turn sideways to get in the storage room or have given up on parking your car in the garage. Well, it’s the end of the year and now you have a […]

Let’s Talk Tax – Tax Shelters

  Let’s Talk Taxes The Best Tax Shelter around—your Personal Residence! If you’re a homeowner, Uncle Sam has thrown you a tax shelter that’s beyond compare. You may deduct the mortgage interest paid on your annual tax return and deduct the property taxes on your Schedule A. If you don’t currently own a home, this […]

2017 Estate Planning

Most people think that estate planning is for the ultra-wealthy. However, everyone needs some basic form of estate planning in order to pass their assets to the intended beneficiaries. When you die, your estate goes through a probate process and in every state this process is a little different. The goal of estate planning is […]

Cannabis and Taxation

As of 2017, cannabis is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia.  In some states, it is legal for recreational use and in others it’s only allowed for medicinal purposes with qualifying conditions varying from state to state.  Depending on the state, it can either be easy to get medical cannabis or it […]

This Years Tax Appointment

At this years tax appointment you will need to bring proof of Health Insurance for all family members. You will receive 1095-A if you are insured through the Health Care Market Place.  All other forms of insurance will receive 1095-B or C and need not be brought to your appointment.  In fact you may not even […]


–IRS ANNOUNCES ERROR IN IP PIN LETTERS– Hot off the presses, and in IRS’ own words: Due to an error, taxpayers are receiving Identity Protection PIN letters with an incorrect year listed. Taxpayers and tax professionals should be advised the IP PIN listed on the CP 01A Notice dated January 4, 2016 is valid for […]